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Wymondham Dell Bowls Club

Club News

27th October 2021 - Open Meeting for Members 

An informal meeting to give you a chance to catch up on what we are doing and planning. A chance for you to have your input to the Club to make it a even better place to play bowls and meet your friends. Ideas are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you at 7pm on the 27th.

Your Management team


Well done to Geoff Batley, Garry Oakley, John Ottaway & Peter Roseblade on winning the Eastern Counties Fours Cup at Diss B.C. last Saturday (18/9/2021).

Winter Season 2021/22 Leagues

The Club leagues will start on Monday 20 September.  All the fixtures are available under Club Leagues  in the Playing Members area of this website.  Printed copies are available on the concourse.

Indoor Bowling

The indoor rinks are open for bowling from Monday 16 August.

Rinks must be pre-booked via the online booking system found on our website wymondhamdell.com or by contacting Jean Webb, Averyl Richards or Keith Richards.

Bookings for next day bowling will close at 5.00pm (17.00hrs) the day before. Bookings made after this time may result in cancellation.

We are reinstating some sessions for the muddle (social bowling). These sessions are run by you for you, so if required be prepared to step up and be an organiser on the day.

No pre-booking is needed when playing in the muddle, just turn up and sign in.

The following sessions will be reserved for the muddle (social bowling):

Once the season starts in September we hope to reinstate the Sunday evening session.

Please be aware that you must have paid your membership fee for either 2020/2021 or 2021/2022 season to be able to play in the club


Congratulations to Geoff Batley, Garry Oakley, John Ottaway and Peter Roseblade on winning the County Fours Championship and the best of luck in the National Finals held at Leamington Spa this August.  

Unforeseen Maintenance - Indoor green

We are planning to open the indoor bowling green as soon as the maintenance is complete.

Details will be sent to members when available.

Men’s NBA County League


We need someone to come forward to take on this role.

If interested please call Jean

Indoor Bowling Green

Dear Members

The safety of the members is the prime responsibility of the Management Committee. It is with this in mind the Committee has unanimously decided that the indoor Bowling Green remains closed until the Government decides to move to Stage 4. We want to open it as soon as possible but our Staff and Members' health and safety cannot be compromised.

Martin N Edwards
Chair of the Management Committee

Changes from 17 May (Step 3)

 The bar is re-opening on Monday 17 May.

Normal opening times:
        Monday to Friday 6.00pm
        Sunday 12noon – 2.30pm

Members / visitors must continue to comply with current indoor COVID-19 guidance: A group of people must not exceed 6.
Table Service will operate both indoor and outdoor. Masks must be worn until you are seated.

If no evening games are booked for the outdoor green the Bar will not be open.

The outdoor green is open for 3 sessions a day, 7 days a week.  Pre-booking is still required.

Seating in the veranda can only be used by members / customers on the purchase of a drink or food from the bar or vending machine in accordance with government hospitality guidance.

Spectators (maximum of 30) is allowed outdoors, following government social distancing rules.

Car sharing is permitted in accordance with government guidance.

Changing rooms (outdoors) will be open for minimal use only, no more than 6 participants from different households are allowed in at any one time and must observe social distancing rules.  Face coverings should be worn at all times when indoors.

For the present time the indoor green will remain closed.

Management reserve the right to close and lock the club if no outdoor rinks are booked by 5pm the day before.

Ladies Breckland League

Monday's game (17 May) away to Swaffham has been cancelled due to a lack of players. 

Update 01/05/2021

The outdoor green is open from Sunday 2nd May for casual bowling on the following days:

See the Playing Members Area for further information

Rink Diary

This booking system is now open

Outdoor Green Opening

The Club is pleased to announce the opening of the outdoor green on the following days starting Sunday 2nd May.  

     Sunday morning

Under the present guidelines there are restrictions on how many bowlers are allowed on the green for each session.     

Initially the sessions will be overseen by volunteer stewards to help guide you and keep you safe.  

We are still looking for volunteers to become stewards, if interested let us know either by email to bowls.sec@wymondhamdell.com or telephone office on 01953 602099 (answer machine available).  

These sessions will be regularly reviewed and with the easing of lockdown and restrictions extended.  

Sessions must be pre-booked (no casual walk-ins permitted) via our online booking system found on our website Wymondhamdell.com. If not online contact either Jean Webb or Averyl and Keith Richards.   

At this present time our booking system is unavailable.  

Further information will follow when available.  

Bowls Secretary
13 April 2021

Outdoors - Return to Play

Work is underway to create a safe and secure playing environment for the upcoming outdoor season and we intend, subject to the approval of Club Management Committee to open the green sometime during April. The date will be published once agreed.

See Playing Members area for more details

Jean Webb
Bowls Secretary
27 March 2021

Summer Outdoor Bowls

In anticipation of the Government relaxing of some of the Covid rules, the Club would like to know how many players would be interested in playing in pairs or triples domestic leagues on the outdoor green during the day and on Friday evenings. We are awaiting guidance from Bowls England.

If you are interested in playing, please let me know by email to dell.league.sec@gmail.com. Please be aware that you must have paid your membership fees to be able to play in the club.

Keith Richards
League Secretary
25 February 2021

24/02/2021 – Looking forward to a return to bowls

As you will be aware the government has issued a roadmap for easing restrictions in four steps and it looks positive for a return to bowls. Before proceeding to the next step the government will examine the data to assess the impact of the previous step.

Our National governing bodies (Bowls England and EIBA Ltd) will be issuing Clubs with guidance on ‘Return to Bowls’ taking into account any guidelines set by the government.

Outdoor bowls is in step 1 and will be the first allowed to start, once I have received the guidelines more details will be published here or in the playing member’s area.

Bowls Secretary


Just Indoor Bowls World Championship 2021

The Just 2021 World Indoor Bowls Championships runs from January 8th - January 24th 2021 and features the world's top players battling for the sport's major honours.  To view the YouTube TV channel click the link below

World Bowls Tour - YouTube

Summer 2021 (Outdoors)

I am in the process of submitting County League and competitions for the summer of 2021 for both the ladies and men. If you intend to play in any of the above or National competitions please ensure that you have renewed your club membership.

Bowls Secretary

Club Covid–19 Secure Rules

12 October 2020 - Updated Club Covid-19 Rules.

New COVID-19 Directives - EIBA Statement

EIBA Statement

Welcome back!

Up and running

We now have our online rink booking system up and running.  Just by registering you will be able to book rinks from the comfort of your home - Simple to use - Instruction manual and youTube step by step tutorial to help you.

The club is open for casual bowling: -

Sunday 10.00am to 12noon
Monday and Wednesday (Muddle) 12noon to 2.00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 11.30am
Tuesday 12noon to 2.00pm
Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 4.30
6.30pm to 8.30pm

Please be aware that under the present guidelines we can no longer stop halfway through the game to have a chat and a cuppa. All sessions will be overseen by our volunteer stewards to help and guide you through the dos and don’ts.

To book a rink or a place in a muddle: -

Please read the Club’s Covid-19 rules before booking. It is important for you to understand the rules put in place for the health and safety of our members and staff. Let’s keep our club Covid free.

See Club Covid-19 Rules.

As we are running on the goodwill of our volunteers and staff if there are no rink bookings the club may be closed for all or partial days.

The Bar opening hours are: -
    Sunday - 12noon to 2.30pm
    Monday – Friday 6.00pm to 9.30pm (hours may be extended according to demand).

Please note: For the Bar to remain viable, it will NOT open if there are no bookings for the evening session.
Please check bookings status online or 'phone after 6pm.

The Office will be manned: -
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 12noon.
    Appointments only - please ring before you visit.

Ready to Bowl

8 September 2020

We have now done everything we can do to make our return to indoor bowls as safe and secure as possible, it’s now up to you to act responsibly and follow guidelines.

Please be aware to avoid exceeding our maximum capacity we have disabled all door fobs apart from Officers, Staff and Volunteers.

At first your return will feel very strange but I’m sure it will soon become the new norm.  All sessions will be overseen by our volunteer stewards to help and guide you and remember this is new for everyone so please be patient.

We are now ready to start our phased return and here are the session times for phase one casual bowling starting from Sunday 13th September:

Sunday 10.00am to 12noon
Monday and Wednesday (Muddle) 12noon to 2.00pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 11.30am
Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 4.30pm
6.30pm to 8.30pm

Additional sessions may be added if demand is high and the stewards available.  So keep an eye open for changes.

We are in the process of installing an online booking system but In the meantime to book a session/rink or a place in a muddle please contact either Jean Webb or Averyl and Keith Richards - not the office - (answer machines available) Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm. 

See Club Covid-19 Rules.

If you would like to help by becoming a volunteer steward please contact Jean Webb either by telephone or send an email to bowls.sec@wymondhamdell.com.


Until the volume of demand for draught products can be determined only bottle beers will be available.  Apologies for any disappointment.

Back to Bowls

27 August 2020

The club will be open for Casual bowling from Sunday 13th September. 

Initially we hope to run 1 session on a Sunday morning and 3 sessions per day Monday to Friday (includes 2 muddles).

Training for the volunteer stewards is taking place next week, after which the session times will be published along with the Covid-19 club rules.

Members will be able to book sessions from Wednesday 9 September, how to book will follow.

Access to get your bowls from the changing rooms will be available on your first visit, but after bowling you must take your bowls and shoes home with you.


The bar will re-open from Sunday 13th September.  The opening hours will be: Sunday - 12noon to 2.30pm Monday – Friday 6.00pm to 9.30pm (hours maybe extended according to demand).  

HM Government Covid-19 secure rules will apply.

Great News!

26 August 2020

We are gearing up to re-open our doors for indoor bowling this September. A start date is yet to be decided.
Due to the uncertainty of our members returning to bowls we have decided to adopt a phased approach to opening.

Phase one
(Sunday 13 September)
Phase two
(Date to be confirmed)
Phase three
(Date to be confirmed)
Casual bowling Casual bowling
2019/20 competition finals
un-played competitions
Casual bowling
Domestic leagues

This phased approach gives us a chance to assess the practices put in place and to get an idea on the number of members returning to bowls.
We are in the process of setting up an online booking system, details on how to book will follow soon. To start with there will be a limited number of casual bowling sessions, including a couple of muddles a week all overseen by volunteer stewards. Casual dress may be worn for these sessions.
On your return you will notice many changes and restrictions all in accordance with Government Covid-19 guidelines put in place to ensure the safety of our members. Please respect the social distancing and hygiene rules, and help keep our club covid-19 free.
A set of club Covid-19 rules has been drawn up and these will be published before we open. When deciding the rules for playing bowls the Bowls Committee took all members abilities into account and appreciate that not everyone can jump on and off the bank. These will be continually reviewed and updates/changes will be made if and when necessary.
We ask that you follow these rules, however, we are open to constructive ideas.

Domestic Leagues

If due to Covid your team members do not wish to return to bowls this season, could you please let the League Secretary know.

Subscriptions expire 31st August 2020

Management Committee has extended this year’s membership by 2 months to
31st October 2020. Update will be published later.

Club Update

21 July 2020

The opening of the outdoor green was discussed at length at a recent Management meeting and it was decided not to open the green for the remainder of this season. /p>

We understand that this may disappoint some members, but after taking all the factors into consideration we feel that this is the right decision for the Club.

If you would like a copy of the minutes please send your request via email to bowls.sec@wymondhamdell.com.

Work is underway to create a safe and secure environment for the upcoming indoor season.  To enable this to happen we are looking to our members to volunteer as stewards to help us through this period.  Full training will be given.  If you are interested please either telephone the office (answer machine available) or send an email to office@wymondhamdell.com.

Management Team